I know, I know I should have blogged my review yesterday evening…. I was out at the scout fireworks and so so tired when we got home.

Anyway day 1 didn’t fair too bad…

Breakfast was yummy poached eggs and mushrooms on 2 slices of seeded toast with a cup of decaf tea.

Lunch was errr… different! I had raw kale, avocado (both I’d never eaten before) with cherry toms and cucumber. I think I should have added lemon juice to help the taste a little. Then I had 6 Brazil nuts. These are full of selenium, which we cannot produce naturally and can help relieve symptoms of depression especially in the post natal phase. Brazil nuts are also gluten free.

For tea I buckled and had a hot dog with onions. However they did serve it on gluten free bread, so not too bad. 

I managed to up my water intake a little. This is one thing I struggle with when I am going through a relapse. I am usually so good at drinking water but I can go from 2litres to nothing in a day once I’ve hit the bottom. No one needs me to explain how important water is, my brain has probably become so dehydrated that I cannot think straight. But today I managed 1.5litres so it’s a start.

How did I feel at the end of the day? Tired, but optimistic. I am ready for this challenge and I am going to smash it! 


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