I haven’t written for a few days now, things have been all over the place and I finally had what can only be described as an emotional breakdown.

After the birth of my first child I was diagnosed with PTSD; something I will write about another time; for the last 4 years I have dealt with it so well I felt “cured”. However after a car accident in August this year I have been spiralling downwards out of control and with a job change that resulted in being bullied in the workplace I was finally pushed over the edge. 

Trigger happy! ~ It wasn’t until earlier this week after completely losing all rationality on talking to my boyfriend and screaming at my boys for no reason I broke down and couldn’t stop shaking and crying. I wanted to scream out loud for someone to help me. 

Helping hands… I am lucky that I have wonderful people around me, my boys were so understanding, my dad listened and had the boys whilst I went to the doctors and my boyfriend let me go over and not talk.. he had run me a bath and got me into bed and just held me till I slept and believe me when I say it was the best sleep I have had in months!

Road to recovery ~ It’s going to be a long road I can tell you that! My brain isn’t functioning right, I cannot think straight and I really just want to sleep. The worst part of recovery is having to go back on the medication, I hope it’s not long term as it always made me feel numb.

So that’s my update, I won’t stay away, I will keep updating and I’ll even try and throw in a few “normal” posts also! 😂

Bye for now 

Liv xx


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