So many questions! But should I?? 

I have been seeing this guy for almost 2 years. He loves me… I think, but is scared of commitment… once bitten twice shy and all that. But I have questions and sooooo many of them but every time I try and talk he shuts me down, saying he isn’t ready, I’m pushing him away blah blah blah!! To be honest I’m so sick of hearing it! I mean I understand the circumstances are hard but really after 2 years you’re in or you’re out there is no in between.

So why can’t I pluck up the courage to actually tell him this?? My own insecurities have taken over and the once a week we see each other (there is 70miles in between us) is better than being alone… right? Or maybe I’m just scared that he will say “bye bye”! Then I guess if he does that it wasn’t worth it in the first place. 

I just don’t understand why if you love someone you can’t say it, it’s 3 words but they seem to be the hardest words in the world. 

So do I ask my questions? Risk everything for possibly nothing or do I keep quite and hope that one day he sees what’s right under his nose?

Liv x 


2 thoughts on “Questions!?!

  1. Its useless to ask out, because boys are unpredictable and egoistic. You should leave it as it is and if he truly loves you he will come back rushing to you and if he doesnt you get the answer that “You deserve better, forget that boy!”. Its the perspective of today’s relationships.
    Good luck sweetie!

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